The Best Online Master’s in Public Health Programs

Are you interested in pursuing a career in public health? There are many career opportunities and lucrative job positions that you can pursue with a Master’s in Public Health online. From sociology and medicine to anthropology and economics, there are a vast number of profitable careers that you can explore and experience with this type of education under your belt. A survey showed that 7,100 Master’s degrees in this field were obtained and awarded to graduates during the 2011-12 academic terms.

Which Positions Can I Get With This Degree?

What types of jobs and career opportunities are available with this type of Master’s degree? With this type of credential, graduates are able to compete against other highly-qualified candidates perhaps with a fraction of their experience. Instead of entry-level positions, candidates that obtain a Master’s in Public Health online are usually put in place for positions as supervisors, managers or even directors. The following is a list of other positions that you can reach out for with this type of educational accomplishment:

  • Medical researchers
  • Epidemiologists
  • Biostatisticians
  • Health educators
  • Social service managers
  • Health administrators
  • Emergency management directors
  • Community health workers

Public health employees are able to explore a wide range of employment opportunities with a vast number of work environments – including clinics, hospitals, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, research laboratories and universities.

Will an Online Degree Blend in With My Schedule?

Will a Masters in Public Health online work well with your existing schedule? Perhaps you already have a career that you are proud of and simply want to open more advancement opportunities. On the other hand, you may need to continue on your current career path to pay the bills and support your family financially as you work on the side to pursue an education and future career change in public health. Either way, investing in an online degree program that allows to you to obtain an MPH is a solid decision to consider.

You will be able to access your lectures, resources and other course materials during your class while participating virtually in discussions with your classmates. Within an online classroom, you will also be able to submit assignments, take examinations and communicate with your college professors directly from the comfort of your bedroom or home office. In addition to the convenience of your education in general, you will also be able to coordinate clinical residencies and internships that are relatively close to your home.

Where Should I Go to College?

Once you have determined which career path you want to follow as well as the specific type of degree you want to pursue, the next decision to make deals with the actual college or university that you will attend. There is a vast number of educational institutions available from which you can get a Master’s degree in this particular field. Make sure that you focus on finding a high-quality college known for a successful track record, such as California Baptist University, to increase the chances of solidifying your professional future.

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